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31 July 2007 @ 10:00 am
The Day After the Last Day, Supernatural, Sam Winchester, Rated G  
TITLE: The Day After the Last Day
AUTHOR: hunting_dean
FANDOM: Supernatural
CHARACTERS: Sam Winchester
DISCLAIMERS: I don’t own these characters; this is a work of fanfiction.
SUMMARY: Sam Winchester tried to save his brother until the very end.

The Day After the Last Day



Sam stumbled across the burned uneven ground, arms outstretched to keep from falling, and eyes frantically searching for a familiar figure.

He had to be here. He couldn’t be gone, not now. Sam had tried so hard, had done everything just right. He knew he would succeed. He wouldn’t let his brother be taken from him.

Dean! Answer me! Please…”

Sam stopped, the world was spinning too fast and he couldn’t seem to get his bearings. His head was one big throbbing ache and he raised his hand to feel torn flesh and the slickness of blood.

He couldn’t remember what had happened. There had been only a few hours left but he had been so sure

And it was morning. The day after the last day. His stomach churned. He couldn’t be gone. Sam wouldn’t let him be. He had always saved Sam and then it had finally been Sam’s turn to save him.

He stumbled forward again, legs shaking. Something was wrong with his left arm, it hung limply by his side, numb and throbbing white-hot at the same time. Broken.

I failed. I failed him. Hot tears burned Sam’s eyes and he wiped at them fiercely.

He finally stumbled out into an opening. The air was still smoky and it burned Sam’s throat when he breathed. He stopped and looked around. The ground was ripped and torn, trees uprooted and scorched black in places. The early morning sun was shining on it brutally.

As he looked around in despair, he eyes slid over a figure sitting very still and silent, knees drawn up and head lying on top of them. Looking back, at first his brain didn’t register what he was seeing. But his heart did.

He ran forward and fell on his knees, put out a trembling hand.

Dean Winchester turned his head and looked at him.

His face was blackened with soot and Sam could see some reddened skin underneath. His hands were burned too and there were blackened places on his clothing. But clear green eyes looked back at him and it was the best thing that Sam had ever seen as the sun blazed over the horizon with the promise of a new day.

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